Troubled Jingdong growing pains or midlife crisis

tiger sniffing note: Jingdong recently little trouble, J Capital was empty, and 66 Wang Sicong bar, and it broke up the situation in IPO is the first time since the. They are the normal growth stage of the early signs of trouble, or will the midlife crisis? This involves Jingdong will eventually stop in the tens of billions of dollars, or more to the upper floor, among the billion dollar club. This article from the Yin Sheng WeChat account: value line, the original title of the Jingdong’s trouble: growing pains or midlife crisis?.

just over the 12 year old Jingdong seems to trouble again. Such a situation before the listing of Jingdong, it has been in a long time with it, when it is the main face of the question, including the capital chain rupture rumors, commodity quality events, management confusion, etc.. But since then, with the rising share price of Jingdong, these questions have been reduced, at least the question of the capital chain is gone.

now seems to be a stirring among the dry bones. The first was J Capital issued a bearish report, questioned its not a real business, but a distributor, because a considerable proportion of its turnover in the line is sold to distributors, which may lead to the Jingdong’s share price in less than a month fell nearly 20%, but then with the Jingdong issued a response denied questioned behind, as well as other institutions, its stock price has rebounded.

but a China writer says buy rotten fruit from the Jingdong, and can not return, angrily the encounter on the Internet, and attracted wide attention, while another social media celebrities not only to the writer expressed their support, and said their privacy information by Jingdong leaked to the Internet, for the latter, the Jingdong subsequently acknowledged this fact, but this is called third party merchants to.

although these may be the case, but still some people worried, as Mr Yin mentioned many times before, the Jingdong relative integration model will face a critical point of the scale of economy, to this point, decrease management efficiency will erode the other advantages of the model, unless it can find a way to delay the critical come, and you may be wondering, these cases are normal troubles in growth stage, or diseconomies of scale critical / midlife crisis coming?

when the official yesterday came UNIQLO flagship store in Jingdong is closed, the component may rise further concerns. Although the reason is the Jingdong that closed supplier strategy adjustment UNIQLO, but for the Jingdong, there is no doubt that this is a major blow: this cooperation only lasted three months, and the Jingdong had high expectations for its Jingdong even changed its warehouse logistics system, it is said that the first international brand is the use of Jingdong warehousing and logistics services.

of Jingdong, this cooperation may have greater symbolic significance, because many years ago, it is also the first in Tmall (then called the international big Taobao mall). For Jingdong, with the proportion of non 3C products accounted for 50%, as well as non proprietary >


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