A green dam mailbox tree brand analysis of the external trend of domestic mailbox

recently, foreign giants Google mailbox problems emerge in an endless stream, Gmail large area after the failure of sina mail also appeared DNS analysis of network failures, resulting in e-mail clients affected, Sina also has the fault that causes, and apologize to the customer, but also has informed the customer to modify the client setup, let customers can solve the problem of temporary temporary mailbox access by this way.

in this regard, experts pointed out that Sina’s approach is more scientific, because after failure timely notify the customer and will inform the customer solution, reducing the customer due to failure may cause the loss of, at present, the country can do such perfect service is not many.

enterprise mailbox is considered since the electronic commerce straw since there has been emphasis in different degrees, is a necessity for the construction of enterprise information, with the growth of enterprises, in order to meet the distribution of customers around the world, communication and collaboration between employees demand, the more prominent the importance of enterprise mailbox.

driven by the business opportunities, many domestic mail service providers have started to reform their mailbox, regardless of technology or function has been greatly improved, throughout the country, the current domestic service providers to the mailbox reform are basically on the email interface, appearance and simple function increase, no other how much change.

After that, the author visited the large-scale

in several major domestic IDC giants finally found the current mailbox is changing service providers, is basically a mailbox expansion and features, such as: 2010 IDC Industry Dictionary specified mailbox service provider in the linkage of the world years ago will be 10 times the expansion tank, 1G 10G. Support mobile phone mailbox, mail arrival notice, as long as the binding of a new mobile phone mailbox, mail into the mailbox, immediately in the message and prompt feedback, overseas forwarding, global reach, and the boss monitoring function, the mailbox interface is being upgraded, very beautiful, also increased a lot of features.

According to experts,

test showed that the transformation of all aspects of the linkage of the world the mailbox has been very consistent with the green mailbox in the mailbox, spam does get in by every opening, the fault in the DNS service at any time, the attack case, a good enterprise mailbox is the strong backing of the electronic commerce business enterprise at the same time, the experts proposed and in the choice of service providers, service providers need to find out whether there are two different rooms on the mailbox DNS, so as to ensure that when the fault in the mail to the fastest speed to solve problem of transceiver.

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