Guangzhou cargo Fair opened in July Yangcheng

Guangzhou 2010 net goods trade fair will be held in July 9th 11 in Guangzhou Liuhua grand curtain. The net goods will continue to help the small and medium-sized enterprises to use the net goods channels, to help SMEs to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the use of electronic commerce, to provide high-quality supply channels for the network to help sellers, network business and employment.

in 2010, although the export situation to pick up, but the Pearl River Delta in urgent need of a large number of export enterprises to achieve a soft landing of domestic security market, demand is still in a very long period of time is strong, the net goods will continue to promote the small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurial network closely docking with the net goods market 500 billion yuan huge. According to Ali and general manager Song Jie introduction, there will be 1200 small and medium sized enterprises in Guangdong exhibitors, attracting one hundred thousand Taobao Internet sellers to negotiate purchases, at the same time the scene will set the keynote speech, Taobao training, buyers purchasing, brand fashion design competition, Taobao released the original series of wonderful activities as a whole, and become small and medium sized enterprises in Guangdong the global network of procurement docking grand carnival.

overseas exhibition hall will become a major highlight of this year’s Guangzhou network of goods, the current network of goods trading has reached a strategic cooperation with many overseas partners, including Japan’s NETPRICE group, including.


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