Where is the honey bud s not a fast financing but to achieve a positive cash flow

recently, maternal electricity supplier honey bud has aroused widespread concern in the industry: according to the honey bud CEO Liu Nan internal mail display, it has completed a new round of financing — indeed, in the cold winter capital now gains huge financing, enough to highlight the strength of honey bud. However, many people ignore the message revealed another more important information: Honey bud currently own cash reserves exceeded 1 billion yuan, and achieved positive cash flow, and this is the real honey bud to be proud of.


cattle financing, not a positive cash flow

honey bud is indeed cow: completed the 5 round of financing for 35 months, and are behind the top VCs and the industry leader: whether it real fund, Sequoia Capital, H Capital or Baidu, with any one of them is the circle of Daniel, and now, these Daniel stood behind the same company.

if an angel round A round look founder, look at the data, B wheel position, C round after cash flow, then the honey bud of this company, it can be said that in the time node of each key, can be just perfect and even beyond the expectations of investors, such good company, there is no reason not to let investors favor.

, however, look at the current Internet circle, the track is good, the rapid development of venture capital companies, not just a honey bud, financing companies, but also a lot of. Even in the capital of the winter, although investors shot more cautious, but there are still companies to obtain financing. So, be able to obtain financing, although objectively prove the strength and development potential of the enterprise itself, but from a good start-up companies, or not enough.

make a metaphor. China idiom: teach a man to fish as delegate to fish, to get the financing, investors seem to give you a big basket of fish, so you have to live the capital; but if there is no new fish added, may have to face starvation ending. But if you can learn to fish, it is not the same – and then the money, and more money, but also than a surging forward cash flow.

called the "positive cash flow", is not to take investment after can spend a lot of money in the hand, but the enterprise profitability has more than marketing and other operating expenses, cash flow growth — that is to say, has achieved positive cash flow of the honey bud, has bid farewell to foreign capital in the blood stage, began to achieve self hematopoietic the function of the.

not only that, but also a little honey bud savings – its own cash reserves over 1 billion. Money and food technology – such a healthy enterprise, is really in line with the law of market development.

no matter how good the air, but a pair of far sighted eyes

since its inception, honey bud on the concern. Because of the strong momentum of development, was also known as a double tuyere (across the mother and child, cross-border two tuyere) fast company title. In fact, in the same period of the rise of large and small number of electricity suppliers


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