Abandon vertical electricity supplier Gome online appliances accounted for 70%

January 27th news, the latest was informed that the United States accounted for the proportion of home appliance sales has dropped to 70%, accounting for more than the beginning of the establishment of home appliances accounted for more than 90%, down a lot.

Gome online is currently doing a simple appliance from the electricity supplier to a comprehensive electricity supplier to meet the needs of the customer’s one-stop shopping." Gome online, said the focus of the transformation is the layout of the Department store. It said that the increase in the share of the department store can be customized to enhance user stickiness through big data, and help to change the structure of the user based user groups.

it is understood that the United States online as early as 2013 began the layout of the department store category of goods, mainly to promote drinks, outdoor equipment, automotive and daily necessities and other categories. The second half of 2014, the United States open online platform business massive investment, department store category further expansion.

the result is that the United States online electricity supplier market share rose from ninth in 2014 to $fifth.

Gome online

chairman Mou Guixian believes that Gome transformation can be used "restore justice" to describe it. Since the United States since the implementation of the transformation, have been biting Jingdong, the United States in 2015 launched the "1+5 strategy": to enhance the user experience as the core, cast from logistics, family, social and store, channel sink and Internet banking five strategic directions.


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