A toilet time death of a beauty

A toilet paper

in a fast and easy to buy will soon run out, want to fast and easy to buy, suddenly found that "now Yi Xun has not previously been fast and easy, while still holding the banner of the electricity supplier, in fact already have changed!" the Internet business is constantly changing, and belongs to the fast and easy time, but is a put toilet paper time!

all the electricity supplier to enter the community, participate in Tencent easy fast after fine roots dig, seems to find the point of force! That is to do Internet supermarket, at the beginning of 2014, fast and easy in the QQ chat window advertising fierce momentum Meng, and the morning time "Dear XXX: Congratulations millet was not quick to select special offer……" At the beginning of this period is very hate pop ads, then finally granted, suddenly found in a boring day morning, click, easy fast 4 hours to do the very unique


so, select a total price of 35 yuan of goods, including a toilet paper, toothpaste, detergent and washing liquid, see not, these are the items in the supermarket, fast and easy to do on the Internet, but when the world single second days, SF express rushed like "arrived too fast!" as the daily necessities, some originally intended to buy in the supermarket, almost all in the fast and easy to complete, and the amount of shopping are generally less than 50 yuan, the SF express expenses probably at least 20 yuan! Buy a lot of things, deducted 20 yuan courier, feel like picking up greatly so, cheap, fast and easy online shopping

very happy!

Tmall mall, Jingdong in the electrical industry Everything is contained therein. lead, but go easy fast Internet supermarket "path, indeed, to a different shopping experience!" when to enter the O2O electricity supplier in the collective, fast and easy to the electricity supplier of the road, is a good choice, at least, in the selection of goods, express the process, unique


however, subject to the Tencent’s easy fast happened "surprise later in the year, the Tencent will pat, easy fast packaged and sold by the Jingdong, perhaps for BAT strategic considerations are developing are groping in the fast and easy way of" revolution is not successful, will be easy to master ", although the Jingdong pledged commitment to ensure fast and easy to operate independently, and in fact? In a recent news" Yi Xun "name": Founder turnover entrepreneurial employees reported by a lot of home "in the field of 3C and distribution services press Jingdong Yi Xun now exists in name only, the message said recently, Yi Xun employees have been home, each student will receive a subsidy of two months salary, although before the staff point out that hope, for the company and founder Bu Guangqi, but now, the hope has already turned into a sigh……

at the end of the year to buy toilet paper with light, going to buy Baidu easy fast, easy fast, and then enter the official website, and then choose the morning, morning to find the product quality, variety has completely changed, there is no 35 yuan shipping, when Baidu search easy fast, there is a negative news "easy fast or involving false promotion: when ordering inventory 9 pay after being told" no goods, so decisively chose to leave. "


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