For an understanding of Taobao railway traffic

I was at the end of last year began to contact Taobao, and now has more than 5 months. Which took a detour, the flow of the site does not rise but fell, through the efforts of the last two months, the site’s traffic began to gradually rise, although not much, in recent days has been able to stabilize at a daily rate of more than and 30 IP. How do I only from the monthly 6IP to the present development of which some of the practices may be a little bit of reference, what is wrong with the site of the Taobao site owners please give advice.

from the experience of several months of Taobao customers, I feel the most important thing is to correct the idea.


to share interests

do Taobao customers certainly have a benefit, no income who would not do. So many guests who come to your website Taobao website? I think the attraction should be put in their commission on the part of the buyer, so they will come to your website. I search a bit, the Internet shopping is still a lot of websites, most of the site is not more than the proportion of the current commission of 50%. I think I do is low cost, in order to attract people, I put the cash back to the proportion of the Commission of 80%, which is unique in all the cashback website. Although the proportion of my income has decreased, but the number of people to come, I will gradually increase the overall level of income. As the saying goes, "one of the benefits of the death of the dead, very hungry," is generally the meaning.

2, name to loud

The type of

site is determined, it is necessary to name the site. The name should be straightforward, easy looking for potential buyers. Baidu search from the point of view, shopping back to a certain amount of existing search, but not great. The biggest shopping site. How do I personally think what kind of site is to take the appropriate name, even if the flow is small, and then looking for more people, the volume will slowly go up. And the name should be loud atmosphere, I finally named: Chinese Shopping for Refund network. Remind friends, don’t think that the band Chinese word is the national office, it did not matter. But I think now that with "Chinese" two words, it is not to "China" two words, whatever the outcome, to be honest, if you can not hang buyers, support website done a little longer. In the domain name, there is a, no one registered, I grabbed it, so that the site name and domain name or match.

3, website design should be reasonable

I see many guest website, many interfaces are somewhat similar to the beginning, I still do not understand, how do they like? Later in the use of the Taobao channel I understand, as long as the original site in the program framework of a statement on the line, the construction site is so simple. Since some large guest sites use the same interface and achieved good results, I can implement ism. Of course, a simple doctrine is not a good way to go, although Taobao channel elegant appearance, but the content is still not free to update >