STO investment love to buy super network into the electricity supplier

Shentong investment electricity supplier platform love to buy super network will be officially launched in July

        Sina Francisco May 30th afternoon news, STO’s marketing director Xia Zubin (micro-blog) in micro-blog confirmed today, Shen Tong investment business platform "love to buy super net" will be officially launched in July. This is following the SF after a courier company to enter the field of electronic business.

today, there are micro-blog users broke the news will be introduced through a similar shop No. 1 electricity supplier project, love to buy Super network". In the afternoon, STO’s marketing director Xia Zubin micro-blog confirmed the news and said that the platform is in beta. This is following one after the SF express company to enter the electricity supplier.

Xia Zubin said in an interview with the media, love to buy super network is the company’s investment Shen Tong, Shen Tong is not directly involved in operations.

this year, the courier companies involved in the electricity supplier news constantly. The first confirmed the launch of SF SF preferred three major electricity supplier platform, and is now Shentong invested. The tragic electricity supplier market competition may be more intense. The contradiction between the presence of electricity providers and courier companies have begun to appear. Recently there is news that the number of courier companies to request the association ban electric encroach on the field of logistics. However, the market has not yet appeared in the electricity supplier for the express competition comments. (Li Yun)