Third party payment license melee nature life and death game or clean up appearances

since June 21st, since the founding of the people’s Bank Chinese issued "non-financial institution payment service management approach" and formally implemented in September 1st, the third party payment companies are incorporated or will be a reshuffle of the sound can be heard without end. In the day before, the third party payment license has entered the countdown, 17 in December last year, the third party payment enterprise licence in the central bank after the announcement, before the license issued soon, it is understood that the "China UnionPay payment companies Guozihao and Alipay, caifutong and other large payment companies are expected to become the first to obtain payment the business license.

"is currently waiting for the licensing notice." A responsible person to pay the company said. The issuance of payment licenses are divided into three categories: network payment, prepaid cards and receiving services. Payment companies can apply for multiple licenses. Based on the B2C C2C website, the gateway of large payment, such as the focus of Alipay and other types of licenses to become public concern. Because there is no doubt that the national name will take advantage of the opportunity to obtain licenses.

therefore, it was questioned whether the state-owned financial institutions and private forces in the third party payment contest, whether it will lead to a large-scale national retreat, but the private sector is not an absolute disadvantage. The flexible system, innovation and rapid market response capability, a reputation of "guarantee" function, more user-friendly electronic payment solutions for Guozihao catch up.

to Alipay as the representative of the third party payment to let the public focus on the process of its development, and online shopping closely can not be separated, which means that Alipay is relying on this e-commerce platform and the rapid rise. With free payment and innovation "secured transactions" mode, the birth of Alipay, mutual promotion and common development of Therefore, the enormous economic benefits but also to the domestic giant envious endless, have been involved in the third party payment field, want to get a share.

, for example, the grand plan to enter the third party electronic payment officially surfaced. NetEase is pushing its own proprietary B2C mall and its third party payment tool, NetEase treasure". "The Internet, in addition to seven" Sohu and Sina, Tencent, Baidu, Shanda, Alibaba, NetEase and other five have their own third party payment tool, therefore, the industry believes that the third party payment will become the next stage of the Internet giant standard.

but the third party payment market is not just a giant arena. Many small payment companies also removed them, share their meagre market cake. But no matter how, in 2011 the issuance of licenses, the entire Internet payment will stand on a new starting point. Analysts believe that the first payment "regular army" after molding will promote industry integration, and nearly half enterprises may be wiped out and disappear.

but this is also a big reshuffle after raising the threshold of payment, in the overall pattern of payment, there will be no big change. However, there will be more intense competition in the market. Now the national team with great amount of capital raging struck, super online banking, UnionPay, private third party payment three > array