9 people open shop selling fake luxury fake LV Gucci brand value over one million

Beijing, Hangzhou in May 22, (Shao Siyi Shen Zhang Li) 21 days, 22 days, Zhejiang Hangzhou police to carry out the "iron broom" campaign. 22, the reporter learned from the police in Hangzhou, Binjiang, the police through the early clues Mopai and investigation, successfully cracked the case of counterfeit luxury goods sold together, arrested a total of suspects involved in a total of more than 100 yuan, involving more than 9 yuan.

since 2015, the Binjiang Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade investigators visited found in Binjiang River, West streets and other places of residential quarters, people rented rental housing, specifically for the shop opened, and the third party platform through the online sale of counterfeit trademark goods. At noon on May 21st, bureau assembled dozens of police officers, two of the preliminary master in the spring area, spring wave within the district sales dens raids and arrests.

site were arrested on suspicion of counterfeit trademark goods suspected of sales of 9 people (both Hunan Shaoyang Ji), seized counterfeit LouisVuitton, GUCCI and other international well-known luxury brand clothing, bags, accessories, tableware and more than 100 pieces, involving a value of more than 100 yuan.


review, the 9 suspects on the sale of counterfeit trademark goods confessed, the case is under further investigation ferret.


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