Taobao alliance bridge two will open new settlement authority Cross shop single product promotion an

as Ali mother’s Taobao alliance platform this year launched the most important foreign investment products, "Queqiao" became a buzzword recently the majority of Taobao customers and sellers of discussion. Recently, a sophomore after 95 through the platform to do the warm-up activities in a short span of a week, nearly a thousand transactions in a single 11.11.

in order to further enhance the transformation of investment activities and profitability, to attract more customers and owners to participate in Taobao, Taobao alliance in 17 of the 11.11 "Taobao" passenger mobilization meeting announced the settlement authority next cross shop open and interactive platform to generate comprehensive investment activities of the page.

professionals, Taobao in the guest have the permissions will greatly enhance their profitability, consumers enter from the business page, within 15 days of Tmall produced a shopping behavior, create the activities of Taobao customers can get commission income. Preliminary estimates, as long as the owner has the right to promote the activities of Taobao customer revenue can be increased by 30%-50%.

"Queqiao" investment platform operators responsible person also revealed that the "angel" Queqiao platform is about to enter the two period testing stage, next new single product promotion, promotion and other components, Taobao customers can be removed any "single product" in its business activities, and transformed into Taobao customer promotion link.

advocating for the creation of the explosion of the merchant, the introduction of the feature will be better to help the seller to find cheap quality promotion channels to enhance the single store sales.

it is understood that the current "Queqiao" activities to create investment platform permissions are not officially open, only part of Taobao and Taobao alliance business customers to participate in the beta invitation platform. However, the Milky way will enter the two stage of testing at the end of October, is expected to introduce more in line with the conditions of the promotion.

below is the full text of the Taobao union announcement:

interactive investment activities under the name of the opening of the Tmall store settlement rights

today, Taobao customers to promote investment platform through interactive generating activity page, when the buyer designated by the link to the page, and in the period of validity, as buyers in the browser is not closed or wireless terminal applications before the end of the wireless terminal (only press home without any other operation, is also not the end, the same below) under the condition of less than 24 hours and click to enter in other Tmall Taobao customers to promote the sellers shop home or commodity details page (hereinafter referred to as the "Browse"), both in the browsing process is click to enter the Taobao marketing products, all transactions within 15 days after the buyers were all visited Tmall sellers in the shops, will be in accordance with the corresponding Tmall sellers set corresponding commission ratio forward outside the station Taobao passenger calculation commission.


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