Cross border electricity supplier will no longer be a low price of 2016 will usher in reshuffle

Sina Technology Week Xu Li Li

registration, coupons, orders, unloading is the sea Amoy control leaves in 2015. The leaves in the room, filled from the princess and the pea to buy snacks, ocean terminal to Amoy boots and meme took down clothes so she from various sites in Shanghai Amoy goods. According to her, the next single week, a year can find different cross-border electricity supplier.

nearly two years, in the country under the tilt of the relevant policies, cross-border electricity supplier with its low price, fast characteristics, is entering the mainstream of China’s consumer market. However, instead of showing the huge market size, contrary to the current state of the industry is not optimistic about the industry.

According to

director China e-commerce research center Cao Lei introduced, Chinese intends to post tax cross-border electricity firm increased three to 50%, with Japan, South Korea and other FTA to promote the traditional trade import price will gradually reduce the cross-border electricity price war, is on the market will face the cross-border electricity industry dilemma.

crazy financing blowout development

according to a report given by the orange IT financing, in 2015 there are only 34 public financing information on cross-border electricity supplier companies, which have completed the A round of financing and more. In addition to start-up companies, in 2015, the global purchase of Jingdong and Tmall international, the United States and the United States and the United States to speed up the formation of a large cross-border electricity supplier tax exempt matrix. At the same time, NetEase, SF and other established Internet Co have also involved.

is different from the previous attitude to O2O, NetEase, Jingdong, although have invested but be long in coming, internal resources and energy in a large number of cross-border business. According to not long ago, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong at its annual meeting for the first time announced the world’s Jingdong purchase of business data, and dumped in 2016, the global growth rate is expected to purchase more than 600% of the target.

held shortly before the second Internet Conference, chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of NetEase, Ding Lei said in the cross-border electricity supplier, said the next five years NetEase koala turnover will reach 500-1000 billion.

in addition to the Internet giant to show potential cross-border electricity supplier in addition to win momentum, early entry into the field of entrepreneurial companies such as honey bud, ocean terminal have also in a short period of time have been completed two rounds of more than ten million U.S. dollars level finance.

in fact, cross-border electricity supplier in the field of business has been far from the size of the year of the war broke out a thousand regiments. According to statistics of the Ministry of Commerce in 2014, China’s cross-border electricity supplier engaged in the platform of the enterprise has more than 5000, and through various types of cross-border e-commerce business platform to carry out foreign trade enterprises more than 20.


electricity supplier price war

as a consumer, in the development of cross-border electricity supplier blowout in 2015, spending habits experienced from the circle of friends purchasing personal to cross-border electricity supplier process. As described in the leaves, despite the cross-border electricity supplier cut


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