Electricity supplier shall not be allowed to expand seven days no reason to return explanation

for online shopping seven days no reason to return, the relevant provisions of the implementation is not in place, the Consumers Association said –

original title: non quality problems can not be refused to return reason

The national association organization

China Consumer Association released in August 5th, the admissibility of complaints statistics show that in the first half, the National Consumers Association organization received a total of nearly 328 thousand complaints, 304 thousand pieces, complaint resolution rate of 92.7%, 680 million yuan in economic losses of consumers. Product quality, after-sales service and contract issues are still the main cause of complaints, accounting for more than 70% of the total complaints. Among them, the online shopping seven days no reason to return to become a new hot spot complaints.

for the protection of consumers’ right to know, the new "law" announced this year will be the first seven days no reason to return into law, giving consumers the right to go back seven days". But the new "law" after the implementation of the association found that due to the electricity supplier operators generally on the new "law" article twenty-fifth "seven days no reason to return to the provisions of the scope and specific performance standards exist different understanding, expand the list does not apply no reason to return the acts have occurred, some of the electricity supplier manufacturing and even malicious return obstacles that has brought great distress to consumer rights law.

, for example, unauthorized expansion of the seven days no reason to return, the explanation. Many electricity providers to set up a non quality problems can not be returned, the provisions, so that consumers enjoy seven days no reason to return, the interests of greatly reduced. Some operators also provide electricity supplier, must provide a test report related institutions, proof of product quality problems only provide return. Consumers Association pointed out that the new "law" provisions of the "no reason to return" is not equal to the quality of the merchandise returned, in the online, mail order and other remote shopping, as long as consumers are not satisfied you can return.

In addition, the experts also warned that in the framework of existing laws and regulations, some of the details of the implementation of the problem remains to be further clarified


, for example, some businesses do not apply no reason to return goods marked not obvious, the lack of a "one on one" confirmation process. In addition to the 4 categories of goods not returned to "eliminate" the new regulations, some business operators on the basis of the new "law" in the "online commodity operators and consumers agreed otherwise, in accordance with the terms of this provision, have developed their own standards, to increase the variety can not be no reason to return the other goods, such as maternal and child supplies class, personal care category, health care products, food, watches, jewelry etc.. There are electricity supplier operators, although the consent of consumers to return, but the provisions of mobile phones, computers, cameras and other charges to be charged 10% to 15% of the invoice price. Experts pointed out that the list of these "add list" legitimacy is worth exploring.

there are some electricity supplier operators will be good goods equivalent to not affect the two sale". From the consumer complaints reflect the situation, the operators have provisions shall be returned unopened, unused, return of goods must be kept intact, gifts, complete invoices.


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