SNH48 goddess airborne 10 cities, Suning stores to create a carnival of 24 hours

exciting double eleven Shopping Festival is finally coming! 0 business activities as Suning stores will be held for the first time the great in strength and impetus consumers can not only buy cheap, in store explosion of goods, will have the opportunity and the girl idol group SNH48 sisters have close interaction, to spend an unforgettable day "".

single dog gospel, SNH48 goddess airborne 10 city

early in the week, the idol group SNH48 will be the Su ningyun shop has been the news on the Internet before the fermentation, the news has been confirmed market center responsible person.

is reported that, SNH48 is the first large-scale idol group based on O2O mode operations, has a high popularity among young people. This SNH48 will be invited by, in November 10th 11 days and two days, went to the national 10 key city of Suning stores to interact the campaign for the 0 business platform Suning stores.

SNH48 will visit 10 cities have been identified, including Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, etc.. The evening of November 10th will go to Beijing Ciyunsi stores, Guangzhou Tianhe, Chongqing Guanyin Bridge Street shop, Nanjing Qingjiang Plaza store, Shanghai Pudong first store, South Tianjin shop, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Stars Plaza, Chengdu Chunxi Road branch, Hangzhou Qingchun Road, Wuhan South store shop.

users will be able to close contact with the goddess in 10 stores. Fans can not only listen to the goddess scene interpretation of the classic repertoire, but also win the opportunity to interact with the goddess, such as SNH48 and play scissor game to win prizes, through in store to find the scattered small lion SNH48 signature etc..

addition, these stores will be extended to Business Hours after 1 a.m., leave enough time for the user experience such as carnival, new stores, grab a limited shoot, low-cost explosion models of the whole point of purchase, grab, 1 big wheel lottery and other characteristics of fun activities and exclusive promotions.

double eleven sleepless nights, play is exciting and heartbeat

"is the first time this year, Suning stores held 0 online business activities, this is an innovative attempt, we hope that the message is not a single, double eleven online Festival is all Suning stores the double eleven Festival, Suning stores to come can enjoy different fun shopping." marketing center official told reporters.

this year as eleven double zero operating period, part of Suning stores will launch a low-cost explosion models of the whole point grab activities were launched on the night of the 0:00, 1:00, 2:00 etc. the whole point of time, give consumers the same surprise and heartbeat. In addition, some stores will also participate in the activities of the night at 0 in the morning to the store’s customers will arrange buffet activities, on-site customer is free to send small cakes, desserts and other food buffet, enhance the user experience.

is reported that Suning this year in the national 1600>


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