Mobile financial empire ten years layout tentacles everywhere

China Mobile also succeeded, the goal is the Shanghai Pudong Development bank. From the user scale and the industry, China Mobile has grown into the predators: finance, fully deserve media, publishing, music, film and television, making it everywhere. In a number of central enterprises, actively expand, make efforts China Mobile is out of the ordinary. On the morning of March 10th, a false report of a media is being discussed in the China Mobile subscription Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Limited by Share Ltd shares on the shadow. The report said that the cross-border marriage may be terminated because of obstruction of sasac.

China business news reporter contacted the director of the SASAC Information Office Su Guifeng, he said, (about the transaction) is asking the leadership, there is no clear answer".

in the afternoon and evening, China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has released the announcement, China Mobile announced that a wholly-owned Affiliated Companies by Guangdong mobile to subscribe for 20% shares of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank "to 39 billion 800 million yuan, while the content of the announcement of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank shows," adopted by the board of directors of the 2010 annual non-public offering of A shares plan, namely to the issuance of Guangdong mobile 2 billion 200 million new shares, to raise funds 39 billion 800 million yuan".

The release of the

announcement shattered the rumors. However, the transaction also requires the approval of the general meeting of shareholders and the Chinese Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, the SASAC and other departments.


still exists and suspense, political marriage color was significantly heavier than the "money transaction", the shares of behavior, at least will give China Mobile mobile phone business mobile payment business with a seemingly reasonable compliance.

in fact, not only in the field of mobile phone payment, all related to mobile business, China Mobile is like an octopus, are the tentacles of any possible direction.

via mobile electronic

things are not as easy as people think, or even push forward very quickly.

After the issuance of

, China Mobile will through its wholly owned Affiliated Companies of Guangdong mobile held Shanghai Pudong Development Bank enlarged share capital of 20% equity, and has become the second largest shareholder of Shanghai Pudong Development bank. Shanghai International Group Co and its subsidiaries are the largest shareholder of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank held after the issuance of the enlarged issued share capital of about 22.13%. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to raise funds to supplement core capital.

After the announcement of the

, China Mobile President Wang Jianzhou accepted the media interview, revealed some details of cooperation. "The agreement has been approved by the board," Wang Jianzhou said. "Then we need to get the consent of the shareholders." On the goal of shares, Wang Jianzhou affirmed the development of data information is out of business, "the shares of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, is a long-term development of the future based on electronic commerce, as well as the development of mobile phone business. But overall, China Mobile is still the role of telecom operators as the core."

He told the media that the

shares of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.


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