EBay lowered the rate of online shopping mall merchant service to declare war on Amazon


] San Francisco March 21st news, according to foreign media reports, eBay announced Tuesday that it will slash its network mall merchants service rates, to further strengthen the competition between it and the amazon.

eBay will simplify the final value of the fee structure, according to the type of product to the final value of each transaction charge. Now, the rate of the fee is determined by the price of a single item.

eBay will also cancel some of the goods on the shelves. Most of the changes will take effect from April 16th, and other changes will take effect from May 1st.

According to the

to help businesses selling goods of professional service providers ChannelAdvisor CEO Scott (Scot Wingo) said the high temperature, these changes came into effect, many businesses need to pay the costs will be reduced, especially those goods, goods shelves monthly trading volume is not less than 12250 times the business.

Wen Gao said: "these rates will certainly enhance the competitiveness of eBay platform." At the same time, eBay’s rival Amason just recently raised the service fee rates, the results of many businesses feel very dissatisfied.

eBay announced the adjustment rate while also listed it and Amazon in the same service rates, Wen said he had never seen such a situation. He added: "eBay is declaring war on amazon."

for those who can not sell a few goods a year, consumers, eBay will provide them with 50 times a month free shelves. If the goods are sold, eBay will charge 10% of the transaction fee.

eBay previously used charging structure includes 50 per cent of the goods on the shelves of the service fee, only for the auction of goods to provide free shelf service.

for the transaction volume is relatively large businesses, eBay will provide a new final value fee structure, according to the different goods sold by the merchant, the charge rate between 4% to 9%.

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