Next year, double 11 can have any new gameplay

users to listen to the story of the cat:

double 11 is very lively, but in fact, the past few years to play a limited set of discount promotions. When the amount of the transaction data has only symbolic significance, indicating the significance of this competition has been reduced a lot, both the gameplay to change, what will be replaced by new gameplay?

Tencent Technology:

this year’s double 11 in play has shown some new signs, but for various reasons failed to become mainstream. Next year, double 11 really attract the attention of the place may be the following two.

play 1: engage in logistics

Alibaba that break 30 billion yuan turnover, logistics and express is able to keep up with, visible or very clearly to continue to enlarge the scale of the constraints where, at the same time, it also became the most injured part of the user experience.

for this reason, several giants have increased investment in the field of logistics.

Ma combined with a number of logistics and distribution enterprises to start the China intelligent logistics backbone project, which is called the rookie network".

Ma Yun is the idea of the establishment of a logistics platform, rather than their own positions".

but Jingdong and Yi Xun is the opposite approach.

Jingdong from 2007 began to build its own logistics system, the current storage area has more than 1 million square meters, in 2012 the investment in logistics is more than $3 billion 600 million. We have been in this year’s double 11 to see, Jingdong logistics and distribution for Tmall slow, hit those with provocative advertising slogans, posters and even posted next to Tmall.

Yi Xun network also in 2013 force, launched more than 1 billion investment in logistics warehousing projects. A number of large warehouse construction are wildly beating gongs and drums.

two years ago, Ma On China express to overtake the United States to judge the need for eight to ten years, but now this time is shortened to a period of two to three years.

next year, perhaps to the various experiences in the logistics of the bayonet.

play 2: the line completely draw in


logistics is the biggest constraints that make full use of the line resources may make up the current short-term shortage of logistics.

line store can solve customer service, the last mile of logistics, as well as user feedback and other work, which is the weak link in the previous electricity supplier. In the future, the seller can be in accordance with the needs of the goods in accordance with the reasonable distribution of the line to the store, which saves the cost of distribution to each consumer. The user through the store from mentioning the line but also can reduce the cost of return.

this year from the Alibaba and the line business interaction on the O2O, consumers will be used or "line fitting, online pay" model. In Beijing Chaoyang joy Gap store all the goods with the item label pulls out, "


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