From Amoy to treasure to the flow of idle fish, buy second-hand goods what happened

non standard products trading, more communication, more risk, although difficult, but to create a China most unused items that Taobao, the sale of second-hand goods this thing, at least in the experience than the classification of sites and social networking platform to do some good.

how much we like to buy things, may be how much hate those who bought and found nothing useful.

Taobao may be one of the culprits of this impulse consumption: according to Alibaba group’s earnings report, in 2014 the consumer created a total transaction of up to 15110 yuan in Taobao. This sounds a bit like "everyday low price strategy changed the American consumer habits: WAL-MART looks a mess, although the quality is not good, but things are really cheap, so many people will want to buy more than one.

is not in order to earn points cost, or faster for them to find the man who needs it, a convenient, safe and easy second-hand goods trading platform has become just need. In the United States, this business gave birth to eBay, the founder of the first thing above Omidyar sold, is a broken laser pointer. So far, there are still 20% of the amount of eBay transactions from second-hand goods.

in the early days, the main task is to Taobao and then has entered the China eBay compete for market share, but the platform to attract more and more, is backed by major brand dealers, and behind a small brand, small production line for individual operators, and ultimately even the so-called "birth" Amoy brand concept. In contrast, more grassroots, management is also more difficult to use the second-hand business has been lukewarm.

began in October 2012, a small team from internal Ali began to try, how to find the fun in the flea market flea, and eventually spawned a more flexible second-hand trading platform free fish".


responsible person of Chen Albert according to the statement, in the "idle fish" sold a second-hand goods, "like a micro-blog as easy: using a mobile phone to take a picture, and a commodity code, or choose to resell goods directly from Taobao records, plus some description. Set the price and freight options, a second-hand goods trading demand becomes a graphic content, present in all users’ time online. After bargaining, payment collection, communication logistics links, also can be completed within this App.


, people network, Ganji information classification site, such is the interest or watercress community, is the second-hand goods transactions active region. But if you really want to successfully sell a thing at the top, can not be easy: the classification of web interface is not good, traffic is large, the user discrimination is low, often listed for a long time in community although roughly to No one shows any interest in; the user can filter, but in actual communication, payment etc. >


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