Mobile electricity supplier APP how to use the freight marketing

as early as a few years ago, when the online shopping market in full swing, the Internet research institutions on the research report that free shipping is one of the most popular ways to attract users attention. Now, this approach also has become one of the nirvana Jingdong, Amazon and other traditional mobile Internet giant large marketing. In the context of the growing maturity of mobile electricity providers, how to give full play to the attention of mobile Internet users, by the companies involved in the field of concern.

"in the traditional Internet business enterprise, especially the B2C ranks, free shipping has become more and more lack of marketing value, just become a means of price competition, finally not only allow users to lose interest, to the enterprise cost control is bad." Tao Youdao CEO Zhou Jianxiu believes that mobile providers to overcome the drawbacks of the traditional electricity supplier, you need to be more flexible on the freight for scientific and reasonable settings. IDIAN mobile electricity supplier APP for free marketing for a new exploration, launched a special free version of the background for the mobile electricity supplier, in a more flexible way, give full play to the freight marketing value.

IDIAN mobile provider APP provides businesses with a flexible set of shipping features, which is the traditional electricity supplier can not be achieved. With this feature, companies can set up different according to different city freight, such as based on the enterprises in Beijing, sent to Shijiazhuang to send the goods with the goods of Guangdong freight can be completely different, thus the implementation of differentiated marketing, city of different users have different concerns. As a result, it not only saves the operating costs of enterprises, but also meets the needs of users in different cities by setting up personalized freight.

actually, the pursuit of scale in terms of sales of electricity providers, "free shipping" is not just a concession, but more like a way to attract and increase the user into the shop visit. IDIAN mobile APP through the background template set different rules in the customer from the shopping cart checkout, began to cut and guide, full of money free shipping activities to guide consumers to further expand the purchase amount for free shipping has become an important means to attract users, enhance the performance of the real.

competition in the electricity supplier, three kinds of marketing methods, and commonly used fanquan seckill free shipping, compared with the previous two free shipping promotion mode, the most eye-catching, is one of the most popular promotions. This is because in the current online shopping environment, the price of a commodity tend to dominate the reins. Mobile consumers are affected, the traditional electricity supplier for personalized set free shipping, also has an important role, or will become one of the most commonly used mobile marketing.


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