Express a number of line boss SF price average 2%-4% am yesterday

October 8th, SF express in Beijing City in the price, the first kilogram price 1 yuan rose to 13 yuan, more than one line in Beijing to the field of prices. SF official website announced, in October 8, 2011, was a slight adjustment on the part of the line to express the price, the average amplitude of 2%-4%.

after the adjustment, the mainland part of the line and services, including standard express, Lu Yunda and special security express, in the first part of the raised 1-2 yuan. Among them, the city of Beijing city express first kilogram from 12 yuan rose to $13, the suburbs are now quoted price of $15, Beijing to the field of off-site courier also have more prices, including Beijing to the first kilogram of 22 yuan.

says this is in response to SF, part of the line of human operation, and the transportation cost of the rapid growth of pressure, after a careful study of the decision. SF has been taken to optimize the operation mode, improve operational efficiency and other measures to overcome these pressures.

not long ago, Yuantong (micro-blog) took the lead in the industry price increases, price increases for the Shanghai area, send express mail, express mail each additional 1 yuan, many courier companies take a wait-and-see attitude. But as private express leader, SF prices may cause industry chain reaction.

In fact,

, SF has been the highest quality service of private express delivery price, one of the highest relative to other companies to bear the cost of pressure ability. There are many private express price pressures, but in view of the current China’s express delivery companies up to more than 8 thousand, are in a state of low price competition, no one dare to raise prices.

this Express Advisory Network Principal Consultant Zhang Yong said: "now the courier companies who first price who died, who did not rise who die." Deputy Secretary General Chinese express association president Shao Zhonglin believes that in recent years, oil prices, equipment and manpower in the price, delivery price from the annual trend is not up down, is definitely not a normal phenomenon, now express price does not fully cover the cost of delivery, courier companies also led to deal with through the delay time, which is not conducive to the development of the industry.


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