Honey bud baby 11 mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 70%

news November 14th, with flash purchase for the characteristics of imported electricity supplier honey bud baby mother revealed the "double 11" during the performance to billion state power network. From 10 in January 10th to November 11th at 16 points, the order of the amount of more than 30 hours has been more than the sum of the usual 8 days.

honey bud baby said, "double 11" period, the purchase of imported diapers and milk powder is still in the cross-border sales charts in the forefront, and orders the client and mobile phone touch screen version of the computer has more than PC accounted for 70% of the total, mobile phone shopping has become more than 60% women’s preferences.

according to the honey bud baby relevant responsible person said, honey bud baby will be the "double 11" key arranged in a more convenient operation of the mobile phone terminal, the mothers in the care of the baby’s busy gap, don’t have to sit in front of a computer can always browse to 1 times the amount of goods more than PC special offer on a web page, usually to add a shopping cart, and other special offer immediate orders to start.

the person in charge, honey bud baby’s mobile client, although on-line time soon, the average sales accounted for up to 70%.

, the "double 11", in addition to honey bud baby diapers and milk powder for selling, as well as for the pregnant mother and the postpartum Home Furnishing all kinds of fashion goods, including Kao, nepia, THERMOS, Hitachi, Cancrinia, Tiger and other international big elephant pyrobor.

According to

billion state power network to understand, since August this year, honey bud baby has entered the Ningbo free trade zone and the Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, have many popular goods from overseas into the bonded through cross-border shopping channels of the warehouse, customs clearance, warehousing, inspection and shipping links are by the national customs supervision and treatment. The goods are affixed with traceability of two-dimensional code, consumers can easily examine the authenticity. At the same time, honey bud baby also with China Ping An insurance company to cooperate in product quality insurance.


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