Sing from App China to disband the championship standings


"sing" the founder Chen Hua in the office with iPhone show his "sing it".

entrepreneurial team has been put forward at the beginning of last line 5 days; App list Chinese become the first district

More than a year after the

into a crazy and agitated, 34 year old Chen Hua two business trip "dense willow trees and bright flowers".

he’s team in the first half of 2012 "Polish" out of the mobile phone application software "sing". Apple App Store launched only 5 days, can let the user at the mobile phone "to sing", "sing", which soared to the overall standings "champion".

"sing" a popular. Many young people not only to attract fans cheering have been cited as the song Qiao, such as Han Hong, Song Dandan and other artists are also often went to sing on the show "".

Chen Hua said that as of now, sing it in the past 5 months that attracted nearly one million users. At the same time, there are already willing to venture this has not yet found a suitable profit channel, and the recent profit is not intended to come out of the software nearly ten million u.s..

entrepreneurial team no one will sing

this has not done music, no one sing good, the team, it was proposed to do the singing sharing, and the proposal was not recognized at the beginning.

"if this direction do not succeed, we will disband." A meeting in 2012 before the Spring Festival meeting, an engineer, suddenly to Chen Hua and other members of the team said.

at the time, this has not done music, no one singing good team, it was proposed to do an ordinary user can sing and share software on the phone". But the proposal came out, immediately got up a piece, "why the user to listen to a stranger, he is not a star to sing?."

"put forward a veto one" has been so that the team can not get a breakthrough on the verge of collapse". February 2011 Chen Hua from Alibaba search business two degrees after leaving the business, had created the location of the most popular shopping guide shopping network.

Internet traffic is too concentrated in several major sites, and the cost of buying traffic is too high, so the most Amoy network did not reach the explosive growth expectations we originally envisaged." Chen Hua said that the most Amoy network on the line in September 2011, but only two months later, we were thrown away".

then Chen Hua took from the cruel dispatch, Alibaba, happy net entrepreneurial team began looking for a "reliable" product direction. At the beginning, Chen Hua will be the direction of research and development in the mobile Internet, we can not grab the business with the Internet giant, and the popularity of the mobile Internet with the popularity of smart phones, but there is a great market potential".

and specific to do which product, team >


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