Exercise six months of mobile phone Taobao eventually shopping community righting

June 24th news, Taobao mobile phone has never stopped thinking in the community. The day before, billion state power network has learned, in the latest version of Taobao mobile phone client, launched the "community" of the entrance level, including through the shopping theme, product category, such as selection of shops group gathered segments of the population, discuss the formation of the atmosphere.


is reported that the phone Taobao community has several core features: group discussion, image sharing, image search.


shop, flower buyers show, God is worth to buy, Master help you ride, beauty laboratory, it it it it, Mamy Poko, digital, small unit, idle chowhound presently used…… Cell phone Taobao tried to gather together through a number of dimensions of common interest groups, and a full discussion.


image sharing channel big is designed to provide a shared channel for buyers to purchase, users can publish pictures of the goods have been bought, along with the Taobao link.

and the image search function, pat Li Tao can support the user to take a realistic scene of a commodity, and then search the same paragraph in Taobao.


it is understood that, in fact, in November last year, mobile phone Taobao low-key made some attempts in the community of "discovery" entrance, opened a photo sharing community "big" and "it’s Social Forum topic". Obviously, the official appearance of the "community" is "big" and "bar it," the perfect version of the upgrade.


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