Ali shares Bai Cheng, O2O pattern forming, or green over the ocean shore

spring outing, Ali stepping pace in Bai Cheng travel network, OTA circle anchaoxiongyong, Ali free Taobao on-line travel industry, on the road, a wiring tourism social push Amoy search, poor travel network aggregation of people and various comments on the Raiders, and recently in Bai Cheng travel, Ali OTA layout basically complete molding.

in 2014, Ali has two O2O competition with the big two: fast and didi investment Tencent run, pushing up the Taobao 3.8 mobile phone shopping festival with Baidu Nuomi girls section. The Internet industry has always been here have rain, here you will have fertilizer fast, BAT’s own O2O pattern to expand territory, saying "green spring and Jiangnan", see Enron O2O great green over the ocean south to the north shore of the potential.

, OTA and BTA before the pattern of

Ctrip leading in the OTA sector, the industry rumors will talk about stocks and shares in Ali, even if not involved, industry leaders have a conflict of interest as long as it is not absolute, want to achieve cooperation is also very easy, rumors say can regardless, now the relationship between BTA and OTA as follows:


Baidu hand to other O2O resources and glutinous rice, Baidu map; investment Ali Bai Cheng network, and on the road, a scouring, poor tourism resources, there are other O2O resources with the U.S. mission network, high moral map, travel, fast taxi; Tencent has the same way, eLong two travel position, other O2O resources of, Tencent lobo, WeChat, Didi taxi.

BTA has selected their OTA strategy, where no Baidu OTA ranking in momentum, no Tencent in the same way, eLong two big giant travel back, Ali route seemingly casual chic, do not get poly OTA start, actually taking vientiane.

Bai Cheng network go route characteristics differences of early bud

and Ctrip Travel Network Synchronization started Bai way network delay out of piles of visibility, Ali and broadband investment of $20 million is of course things out there: Bai Cheng travel website margin after several years of doldrums, choose the route characteristic difference, specializing in outbound journey, made up to "99.8%" the visa success rate. The value of a website in the content on the characteristics, Bai Cheng network has been transformed and new, not bad money giants in the O2O layout, see the regeneration of shoots Bai Cheng network course into the arm, for the development of O2O days after the drainage or both have a role.

shares Ali Bai Cheng, forming the basic

O2O deployment

Ali in mobile shopping, mobile payment, maps, group purchase and mobile social O2O layout the basic realization of closed loop system, Ali itself does not lack of traffic, pushing mobile terminal at the beginning of the transformation from the PC to the core of the industry is not Ali, Ali lack of mobile traffic sigh comments similar to WeChat and huge. Who have flow who have the right to speak is not false, but false not false, the core of the fine.


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