Under the transition line online transition era electricity supplier how to give the meaning of the

the Internet has spawned a wave of electricity providers, more and more commercial business in the Internet online play in the market, "scorched by the flames" is for giant has now, however, with the continuous integration of the electricity supplier industry, the entire market big cake has been eroded away, making and marketing from the electricity supplier node can be seen electricity suppliers to compete in the field of Internet has been intensified, recently, Amazon began preparations for their next line store management, in order to deficiencies in the electricity supplier competition using line development advantages make up the line, the next line store has become a touchstone of business services, and online to offline business mode, gradually will become an important means of the electricity supplier for market share.

electricity supplier is not the store terminator

with the development of Internet business, shopping has become the domestic and even is the mainstream of world consumption and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in 2013, China electronic commerce transactions exceeded one hundred thousand million, an increase of 26.8%, of which retail sales network of more than 1 trillion and 850 billion, an increase of 41.2%, the development is to enter the electricity supplier the rapid development of the fast lane, but for a long time, the foundation of offline retail industry has been relatively stable, the traditional consumer or to the store "soft spot", despite the rapid development, but it cannot be equated to store the terminator, the next line store experience marketing development has become the most fertile soil.

electricity supplier to the new meaning of the store

today, business development has entered a new period of development of O2O, online marketing has not only become effective means to influence consumers’ purchasing power, the rise of the next line physical experience service has been able to occupy the main consumer psychology, consumer and consumer demand for a relatively large shopping environment and go O2O, the electricity supplier closer and traditional offline store, has increasingly become a new realm of the store’s existence and development, the store opened in the Amazon is undoubtedly the entire business line management model of touch line, market development trend has emerged, grasp the line of the market will become an important means of business online service at the same time, follow up with the next line services.

electricity supplier drainage, the store to implement the service

for the development of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier online channel has become an important way to the development of drainage and diversified channels to bring more traffic support for the electricity supplier, electricity supplier by virtue of its own strength to open the store, through the national nature of the store to guide the consumer’s shopping experience, online and offline entity drainage. Shop service will implement, a better interpretation of the O2O era, the electricity supplier existence, the online and offline traffic combination, realize the transition to the development of the electricity supplier.

electricity supplier before the operation is mainly focused on the entire online market, hoping to use the online market traffic brings more industrial advantages, but, with the times >


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