Advantages of e-commerce to Chinese Enterprises

The rapid development of

Chinese Internet, e-commerce from the original is only a concept that is now more and more enterprises, network applications, the future China undoubtedly belongs to the electronic commerce, electronic commerce China leading enterprises in the future, here on the altar of the golden Wangzhuan summarized the electronic commerce brings to the enterprise advantage:

: no doubt e-commerce financial management China enterprise internationalization development opportunities with the global economic integration and the impact of the tide of electronic commerce, the financial internationalization is the inevitable choice Chinese enterprises to go abroad to open international competition, but also to emphasize the internationalization of financial management. The internationalization of financial management and the purpose is to provide accounting information internationally comparable, this needs to be done on all aspects of the work, such as must break the traditional accounting system and international accounting standards, with many countries and international accounting standards, support multi language, multi currency and electronic settlement, and financial integration into the Internet era, the final solution of internationalization the problem of financial management. E-commerce is an economic revolution driven by the information revolution. It changes people’s way of thinking and sets up a new management method and idea. Based on these new management system came into being, the new concept of financial management gradually formed.

second, the traditional circulation enterprise financial management broke through the boundaries of e-commerce space to break the information transfer restrictions, make financial management more space from the internal to the outside of the enterprise, from the enterprise external to the enterprise surroundings; time makes the accounting from afterwards to achieve real-time, financial management from static to dynamic electronic financial management; the business can achieve a variety of functions remote statements, accounting, auditing, remote remote remote auditing, online payment, online reminder, online tax returns, online declaration, Internet regulations and financial information, online procurement, online sales, online banking, online insurance, online investment and online foreign exchange trading. Enterprise financial management personnel can access relevant financial management by using the data of network terminal at home, in the enterprise or any other place and any time, financial management. The change of time and space has brought about the change of the mode of financial work, and the change of management mode has greatly improved the level and efficiency of financial management.

third, the overall circulation of enterprise financial management activities of the cost and financial cost can be greatly reduced in the specific performance, the farther the distance, the cost of the information transmission network are compared with the letters, telephone, fax and the lower the cost. In addition, shorten the time and reduce the duplicate data entry but also reduces the cost of information; both parties through the network to carry out business activities, without intermediaries involved, reduces the transaction related links; e-commerce implementation of the "paperless office (OA), it can reduce 90% of the document processing cost; the Internet makes both real-time communication co required information, make inventory production and sales of inventory as possible, so that the inventory cost of capital reduction; electronic currency and electronic settlement settlement enterprise reduces the cost of capital occupied. Like a celebrity


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