O2O the traditional retail clothing enterprises how to use the nternet plus self subversion

  "Internet plus" first appeared in the twelfth session of the third National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang proposed the development of "Internet plus" action plan. After the "Internet plus" has become the most popular vocabulary in 2015, has now become a heavyweight weapon used to change the traditional business model.

"speed and passion to Paul 7+ =?" this + brings not only just amazing box office, there are countless fans and Paul · Walker after a series of Lenovo and 8, in other words, 7 to 8 gain more potential fans. The same "Internet plus" effect is not. So simple, if coupled with the O2O model on a word, for traditional businesses, or will become a new rules of survival. Rongchang is the best example of laundry.

O2O outlet "Internet plus" is also a challenging opportunity

from the above chart shows, the traditional mode is more connected to people and services, and in the O2O environment "Internet plus" ultimately will be the connection between man and machine, machine and machine, machine and service. The traditional enterprise sales channels mainly to the municipal agency stores, a single profit model mainly depends on the line of stores sell more money, cable channels act as the role of dumped stocks (such as Taobao, Tmall, shop) but also caused a great impact on the line store sales.

why O2O outlet "Internet plus" is the traditional clothing enterprises


we analyze from several aspects: 1 Mobile Internet e-commerce market. According to statistics, in the past two years, the mobile e-commerce market size increased from 96 billion 500 million yuan in 2012 to $632 billion 400 million in 2014, and the data is still rising. Seize the opportunity at this time, to broaden the online sales channels, the establishment of brand online store on the consumer’s mobile phone, combined with the advantages of offline stores, the first step out of the O2O. 2 changes in consumer demand. Now that the store has become a store experience, many consumers like to try on the store and then run online consumption, but to buy ninety percent of all fakes. This situation may last for one or two years, as consumer income levels increase, people will be in the consumer demand from cheap promotion to the pursuit of quality, if you have already established brand online store, then the consumer online store that cable would naturally abandon Taobao, Tmall, into your arms. 3 big data era. For the traditional enterprise how to obtain the data of consumer behavior is always a difficult problem? Focus on traditional retail business transformation O2O Qi Zhuoyun technology, through building the official online store for the enterprise (micro official website), integrating online and offline membership system, the establishment of membership database, through data analysis to understand customer behavior trajectory, regardless of that enterprise is the business development, brand promotion, customer management cannot do without the support of big data, the Internet is the future ".


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