Amazon and content providers War Book film suspension


Tencent Francisco June 12th news, since the beginning of summer, and more than a supplier from Amazon content of contract disputes. The latest news is that Amazon and Warner Home video company has also undergone a renewed conflict, some popular films each reservation were suspended punishment "".

Amazon and content providers dispute, mainly around the terms of the contents of the subsequent contract. According to the "New York Times" reported recently, Amazon and three companies had a dispute, and before the French publishing giant Hachette book group digital books and Warner Home Video in the company is second cases, third cases of dispute is the group and Germany’s Bonnier media.

recently, some consumers found that Warner Home video has been unable to book the company issued a large part of DVD on, including: The Lego Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, Winter ‘sTale and Transcendence etc..

U.S. media pointed out that the contradiction between content providers and retailers happen every day, Amason and a series of disputes is unusual, the company is very firm request content side concessions in terms of delivery, then the content provider refuses to compromise, lead to conflict, the interests of consumers are affected.

several recent disputes, will undoubtedly have an impact on Amazon’s business. In June this year, Amazon’s hottest books, is a new novel JK Rowling Publishing Group Hachette, also the hottest movie, it is affected by the "Lego".

Amazon this move will undoubtedly tell consumers, please go to other sites to buy these goods.

one fan commented, Lego is 2014’s most anticipated film, the audience of adults and children are looking to buy DVD at home to enjoy, the Amazon DVD stop booking, "is tantamount to dig his own grave".

on the movie booking page, Amazon said that consumers can register, once you can book, will immediately notify.

In the

group and Hachette disputes, all digital books each other is suspended once scheduled, Amazon said in a statement, the content provider and the dispute is normal, consumers need to buy those books to Hachette, Amazon’s competitors website.

group Hachette complained that Amazon should raise the price of books, in addition to extend the delivery period to avoid books, the traditional publishing industry impact. (Chen Xi)


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