Shop brush flood regulation needs to follow up

Zhou Junsheng (Financial commentator)

there are places where there is interest. In recent years, the rapid development of parasitic electricity supplier in the brush single gray interest chain and showing a growing trend of flooding. Today, the brush between the major electricity supplier appeared a company, science and technology, the trend of scale, has become an open secret". Although large electricity providers like Taobao take the correction strategy, some of the brush single serious online sellers to make the punishment, can not eradicate this phenomenon.

called brush single, refers to the way to improve the volume of goods to cheat, in order to enhance the credibility of the seller, to attract buyers. However, because of this brush is sold by the seller of the brush hand out of thin air, there is no real transaction volume, so it is actually a consumer fraud. Sellers platform when more and more keen than when a single through the brush to attract consumers, the market trading order is in chaos, those honest business sellers would be "bad money drives out good money" in the pattern of interests, and consumers because surrounded by false market information, the consumer is online blind.

electricity supplier after the emergence of this new trading model, very popular with consumers, and even have a certain degree of subversion of the physical store. However, unlike business platform store counters, sellers and buyers can face-to-face communication between it and consumers taking trade make the seller showing in the online trading volume as the only indicator of consumer of the seller, it is also keen to sellers online through a single brush manufacturing false internal power transaction record. Scalping is false propaganda, violation of the consumer protection law of our country stipulates the voluntary, equality and fairness, honesty and credit principle, false trading is formed by a single brush, it has formed by its strong position in violation of the interests of consumers, electricity providers also form of unfair competition.

although some large electricity providers of scalping is not recognized, even the organization of the elimination of false bill, such as Taobao was once part of the trading platform of its emergence of brush behavior of punishment, but the punishment by electricity providers, can not fundamentally eliminate the single brush for. The reason is that, on the one hand, although the electricity supplier seller scalping in behavior, but it is not only conducive to the promotion of the seller consumer popularity, but also conducive to the upgrading of the electricity supplier market position; on the other hand, the nature of the electricity supplier also is a main body of the market, and the seller it established is a kind of economic the contractual relationship, rather than administrative leadership. These two aspects of the decision of the electricity supplier on the brush can not have the skin of the hate, so it can only be a symbolic punishment, the lack of legal basis and legal effect, it is difficult to fundamentally eliminate this phenomenon.

therefore, to remove the network scalping this ugly phenomenon, to rely solely on the electricity supplier is not enough, it is more important for the government to actively exercise the supervision function, the use of administrative power to effectively curb this phenomenon. Electricity supplier as a new type


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