What is the true way of the transformation of the traditional store

electricity supplier in the online shopping under the impact of new consumption patterns, the flow of people is becoming scarce, the increasingly dismal sales of traditional retail business entities have panic. In order not to go on the road to collapse completely, they like to seize the last straw, ruthless pounce on the internet.

or by means of a treasure and three party business platform to create their own online shop or give up the original transformation, business entities, transition to the Internet, they rush to make a decision in a panic.


actually, the transformation is necessary, but in the pig CMS business, traditional business entities in the future transformation should not be blindly without blindly line layout, line and should be abandoned, and the integration of Internet and traditional physical stores, especially in the mobile Internet era.

CMS and that the pig business integration, is to require businesses to layout online and offline, two legs, both online and offline sales, mutual exchange of needed products.

Internet communication path is short, with better consumer interaction, shorten the sales chain, through the online integration of rich line optimization businesses under the resources accumulated Months and years pass by. thinking, the use of electricity through the spread of online drainage and new sales channels, the rapid development of online territory, with the line experience, the formation of the drainage line line, line perfect drainage O2O closed circulation loop line, a full range of business entities to help traditional fast solving traffic problems.

to achieve this effect, the traditional business entities can only identify the benign direction of the integration of online and offline, in order to better achieve the integration of the Internet and, only to find innovative forms of business model, to maximize the online open new sales channels.

In this

, the pig CMS electricity supplier in the fact also made a very good interpretation, provides a good alternative mode of direction for the traditional business entities, and successfully helped many business entities adhere to the original position at the same time, embrace the mobile providers.

All channels of polymerization

pig CMS electric distribution system with micro distribution + + + retail wholesale supply ", allow businesses to open up new channels of online sales, and one line store chain have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Fast fission low threshold, low barriers, low cost distribution model, so that millions of ordinary people to join the sales corps, can quickly resolve the efficiency problem of traditional business entities, to further reduce costs enhance profitability, profit doubled.

it is worth noting that the pig CMS electric distribution system of micro source exclusive sales, with strong and excellent professional R & D team to help businesses build their own online platform, rather than before, like over reliance on electricity supplier platform.

in order to allow businesses to truly achieve the perfect integration of online and offline, pig CMS electricity supplier for online and offline multi store operations, multi category sales research and development of multi store O2O electricity supplier management system.

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