From the U.S. group before the release of earnings news to see whether the advent of the era

at the end of 2013, has been in the quiet sleep seems to buy the industry as the United States Group earnings news came. Then, the industry of a chapter of the analysis and reviews of this group purchase industry followed. Triggered by the U.S. group to buy a wave of the arrival of the era of the industry in recent days slowly faded. Today, when browsing the web inadvertently saw the 2013 buy data in various industries, can not help but let me mention again buy.

According to

group 800 data show: 2013 full year, food delicacy to achieve a total turnover of 18 billion 780 million yuan, accounting for 52.4% of the market share; leisure and entertainment for 8 billion 640 million yuan, accounting for 24.1% of the market share; tourism hotel 3 billion 590 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the market share; the service life of 3 billion 210 million yuan, accounting for 8.9% of the market share; and the other is real 1 billion 660 million yuan, accounting for 4.6% of the market share. Among them, the highest annual growth rate for food and beverage, up to 97.8%, while the physical class is the continuation of negative growth trend, the annual growth of -21.1%.

from the above data, we can see that the food delicacy occupy in the market in the group purchase market share is very important, with the Internet information era, group purchase industry is paid more and more attention. First, take me, had seldom played in some group purchase group purchase website, however, probably because of the impact of friends, when their friends in the group purchase, in the exchange will potentially affected. So in the later life, sometimes friends go out to play or eat, and so on, always used to buy. For this habit, I personally feel that there are two reasons: after the purchase of the group can know that you want to go to the place is not free, the staff is full; perhaps 2 to buy than the direct entrance to the consumer point of view of the cost of the. I was brought into a small circle from the point of view, perhaps you are looking at this article, and I, as a part of the invisible era to buy.

data released from the U.S. group showed that in 2013 the annual sales revenue of 16 billion yuan. Taking into account the 16 billion yuan will be part of the refund, the U.S. mission in 2013 actual sales revenue of about $15 billion. From the beginning of the group to buy micro earnings, we look at the era of whether the next buy. May I present here to talk about the group purchase era has some too late, with the rise of the large group purchase website, group purchase era is approaching in our lives.

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