Dangdang new sexy story gorgeous turn foreground

Abstract: Dangdang transition from electronic books for integrated electricity supplier, must change the single category, slower growth and less water, the logistics of the poor user experience chronic illness. From the perspective of the development of nearly a year, Dangdang humiliation, explore their own flash purchase mode, improve the logistics experience, play the cheap card drainage, finally won the first chance.

reduced to second tier electricity supplier Dangdang, in recent years Yidiebuzhen, strategic blunder and marketing structure, plus the cat and the Jingdong strong opponent out, already not in glory. Even a lot of people think that after the two strategic failure of Dangdang consumption, the story is too old, coupled with sustained losses, the demise of sooner or later. But no one has thought of "The path winds along mountain ridges.": August 14th dangdang.com released 2014 second quarter earnings, net profit reached 28 million 800 thousand yuan (about 4 million 600 thousand dollars), over the same period last year net loss of 63 million 900 thousand yuan. Such changes, exciting, what exactly happened when


Dangdang’s new sexy story and the old story to sell books are different: the new story turned gorgeous, we want to do a comprehensive cultural heritage of the class electricity supplier. In addition to books, as well as clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, household items." If you are on the Internet, the home page is the most impact on your eye is clothing, beauty and other fashion categories gorgeous beauty ads, when Dangdang to force the women’s market, earn a woman’s money. This transformation, indeed let people find everything fresh and new, Dangdang is no longer before the Dangdang, a business selling books shabby uncle image, suddenly become fashionable ladies.

such a "turn around" is meaningful. All along, the reason for the slow development of Dangdang, and even losses continue, because the category is a single, less water slow growth, coupled with the book market was squeezed Jingdong, on the road farther and farther. Now the reflection from the perspective of women into the market, take the poop clothing flash sales model, and identified as the core strategic platform, all resources are invested mainly in the core apparel category, Dangdang is inspirational tuqiang. From May 7th last year, Dangdang online flash sale shopping channel Dangdang tail collection of flash sales model, the main push Weihuo, will attract a lot of consumers. In early June of this year, Dangdang launched a new exchange, clothing new products also joined the flash purchase mode, from a lot of other electricity providers there pulled a lot of traffic. Dangdang mobile client also began to modify, strengthen clothing flash purchase business. Is this gorgeous meaning: Dangdang clothing a expand Dangdang category, on the other hand also increased the width of its moat.

transformation by the book electricity supplier for the integrated electricity supplier, we must first ensure that the book category is stable, then there will be a new breakthrough in the female product category, especially to identify the location, otherwise, will lose the self in which neither fish nor fowl. Especially in Tmall, vip.com is so strong in front of the electricity supplier. Dangdang both to grab the first tier cities in the white-collar and intellectuals this part of the user base. At the same time, the three or four line market will be listed as an important strategic market, deep rooted in the vast line of the three or four and even the city of five or six, >