Under the new NetEase koala sea purchase continued growth and expansion of the category of parallel

2015 is called cross-border explosive growth in the year, the major cross-border business platform have been rising, the most representative is the NetEase koala sea purchase, and achieved amazing results in just a year’s time, among the first camp quickly within the industry. NetEase koala sea purchase CEO at the beginning of the strategic conference, put forward the 2016 performance goals – 10 billion yuan.

in April 8th this year, the relevant departments of the state issued a new cross-border tax reform policy, and tax rate adjustment together with the introduction of the industry and the "positive list", clear the goods for sale category of cross-border electricity supplier industry. Introduction of the new deal, the development of cross-border electricity supplier approval from the policy level, so that the development of the industry has a guiding direction. But the new release, but also to the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry has brought many challenges, the NetEase koala sea purchase positioning in the media business, in this industry background, the NetEase will koala sea purchase how to play their own advantages? May 20th, NetEase koala sea purchase in Guangzhou held a regional media communication, on this issue their own answer given.

NetEase koala sea purchase at the beginning of this year put forward the concept of media based electricity supplier, pointed out that in the new era of electricity providers, the media in the electricity supplier in the important role of competitiveness. NetEase koala sea purchase and mobile products, relying on the media resource matrix NetEase group’s strong, let the goods in the sale process, more comprehensive, three-dimensional will convey information, and make cooperation brands have the harvest, for users, but also to a more comprehensive understanding of the commodity, brought about by the perception of high-quality goods. "The quality of life".

for the understanding of the media type of electricity providers, NetEase koala sea purchase CEO Ms. Zhang Lei summarized as: list of the economy, the operation of live and live scene.

list of economic, professional and authoritative point of view, more quickly to tell and guide users which products are most popular, with the highest cost-effective.

live operation, to maximize the elimination of doubts in the minds of users, so that goods and brands more fully presented to the user to help users understand the product, understand the brand.

scene of life, NetEase portal and news media resources, there are many mobile terminal products, in different scenarios, the user needs to tap the commodity level.

for the impact of the new deal issued by NetEase koala sea purchase can maintain the momentum of high growth, which is how to do it?

deal with the price adjustment, the NetEase purchased by sea koala bulk procurement, and enhance the efficiency of the method, the optimization of logistics operation and reduce the cost, make the sale of goods is still very obvious advantage in the industry. The implementation of the new deal from the launch to the platform side, need to respond quickly and make a series of adjustments, the NetEase purchased with a proprietary koala sea advantage, the whole team from the procurement, operation and promotion, to achieve rapid adjustment, reduce the impact of policy adjustments to bring. In addition, after the introduction of the policy, the relevant departments are also actively respond to market reaction, make adjustments. Net >