How to do a good job in Web site development project needs analysis

The establishment of a website project is based on the needs of a wide variety of above, the actual needs of this demand often comes from the customer or is the need for the company’s development, the actual needs of customers that it is the nature of the transaction demand accounted for the majority of. In the face of the development of the website has different knowledge level of the customer, the project manager of the user needs to understand the degree, to a large extent determines the success or failure of such web development projects. Therefore, how to better understand and analysis, clear user needs, and can accurately and clearly expressed in the form of files for each member to participate in the project development, to ensure that the development process to meet the needs of users for the purpose of project development right direction, is each website development project managers need to face the problem.

A, who should be involved in the website development project needs analysis activities


2, art and technology backbone or on behalf of all members (with user discussion) write "website function description book (Draft)" document.

3, organize relevant personnel to describe the book "website" (Draft) repeated discussion and revision, determine the "book" the official document website function description.

4, if the user has the ability or the user request, project managers can also assign members to participate in the project, and written by the user and determine the "book" website function description document.

5, if the project is large enough, it is best to have a department manager or his authorized personnel to participate in the "website functions described in the book" to determine the process.

two, complete documentation of system demand investigation

In the process of

Analysis of