People’s livelihood electricity supplier to build behind the top-level design meaning

livelihood electricity company to build be in full swing. As the first batch of domestic banking business platform construction and management personnel, the Bank of cross-border electricity supplier business model, hoping to write objectively about some experience, from the perspective of the bank, is how to treat the Internet financial.

industry to 2012 known as the banking business is mainly based on the first year, the Bank launched the four Pavilions along the central axis of a new generation of online shopping mall to pay Bo, CCB launched a large-scale business platform good financial business". CITIC, ICBC, Bank of China will also launch "E," CITIC "ICBC mall", "silver dealer business brand. But objectively speaking, in addition to the CCB generous burn promote good financial business and other bank business platform to build the most low-key, in addition to its own in exploring the Internet Financial direction, the integration of internal resources is also facing difficulties. No bright spots, talk about high-profile


Minsheng Bank, a recruitment notice appeared, but it caused the banking sector, the Internet sector for the Bank of cross-border electricity supplier of high concern. This notice is written like this: "the people’s livelihood electronic commerce limited liability company is registered in Shenzhen Qianhai, subscribed capital of 3 billion yuan, is the first domestic and commercial banks formed the corresponding relationship between the silver business enterprises in close cooperation. The company initiated the seven major non state owned shareholders of Minsheng Bank and Minsheng Bank Asset Management Co., ltd.."

from the author’s years of experience in the industry as well as the understanding of the situation, the people’s livelihood electricity supplier story is far more than that.

first, of course is the Deputy Department officials Mr. Yin Long joined a semi official into color for the real private business enterprise. Most of the current domestic Internet Co grassroots origin, entrepreneurship is not a prominent background, free in the edge of the regulatory body. While the people’s livelihood electricity supplier since its initial, it will take the moral high ground and halo of Internet financial innovation, service small and micro enterprises, and the more original innovation of the CBRC deputy director of the department heads of the policy in the supervision, human resources and other aspects, rapidly ahead of other companies. As everyone knows, once in the domestic top innovation, service grassroots and other "top hat", which is widely supported by public opinion, the regulatory authorities "." it is logical. This is why Alipay launched the balance of treasure in the incomplete compliance, regulators have not stopped, only for that. The same situation occurs in the case of commercial banks, the situation is completely different.

secondly, the livelihood of the top design electricity supplier, taking into account the future development of the company may encounter bottlenecks. Minsheng electricity supplier to build the beginning, it is firmly positioned in the Minsheng Bank affiliated company. The future will give full play to the advantages of small and micro enterprises under the Minsheng Bank online access to achieve innovative services online Internet banking. According to the experience of the establishment of subsidiaries or affiliated companies in the domestic large group, once independent of the subsidiary, in the future with the help of group resources to carry out business, often encounter various types of poor coordination, resource integration >


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