Taobao customer interactive investment platform super day special purchases for the Spring Festival

recently, Ali mother’s Taobao passenger platform including rebate network, scouring powder it, clearly street and other dozens of websites together through interactive investment platform launched a "super special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival". It is understood that this event has dozens of venues, covering tens of thousands of thousands of high quality businesses and select a single product, Taobao customers the platform is only a very short period of time was completed in such a large event organization, main reason, or because the "interactive investment platform upgrade.

for the "super special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival can smoothly, while ensuring Taobao customers return, the sellers have the flow, the operation of the project, the product development, the students together for more than ten days, has done hundreds of testing and optimization of the six modules of a comprehensive upgrade.

1, a comprehensive settlement plan

interactive investment activities with Cross shop page although clearing BUFF although the increase in Taobao passenger revenue, but Taobao had guests to reflect, to the store where the commodity or other shop goods transactions through interactive investment activities, only according to the general settlement commission. For many of the shop has been applied to the Taobao customer orientation program, this settlement logic is not reasonable.

interactive investment platform to upgrade the settlement logic of this settlement, if Taobao customers have to apply for a business oriented program, will be in accordance with the direction of the store after the store turnover plan Commission settlement.


2, the same link consumer PC and wireless display adaptive

Prior to the launch of Taobao

customers in the event, you must choose PC or wireless template, the end consumer to open the link in the PC or wireless side to open different links. However, after the platform upgrade, although Taobao customers in the choice of templates but also to choose PC templates or wireless templates, but the user can see the link to be able to automatically adapt to the terminal device page.

previously if Taobao customers to create a PC side of the active page, consumers may not be able to access the phone, or can not be displayed after the visit. But now through the platform upgrade, either the PC end of the template or wireless side of the template, the system can automatically identify the user’s access path, and give the user the best way to show.

3, the number of merchants and merchants to expand the number of goods

also worry about number of activities to create enough, each investment activity too few goods? In this platform upgrade, create a number of activities has increased to 20, the audit commodity number increased to 600, the capacity doubled more than before.

at the same time, the number of export goods XLS table after the audit also increased to 600, so that Taobao customers can freely mix more flexible promotion.

4, the new "channel type B template and 100

headerOne of the most important new templates for

this time is the addition of channel B templates, which


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