The real winners of e-commerce era entrepreneurs and consumers

e-commerce is a sunrise industry, but also a real young people in the industry. At present, China’s domestic staff to more than and 20 year old young people, and they serve the same young. Young people always look forward to the future, but also clear that they want to deal with challenges, must be fearless and responsible.

at present, the number of Internet users in China has more than 470 million, but the penetration rate of only 35%. It can be predicted that the next 5 to 10 years, China’s Internet will continue to develop rapidly until the total number of users over 1 billion, penetration rate of over 70%. There must be a very spectacular, within a single state more than 1 billion people are using the same language on the Internet, there is no limit (but responsible) access to worldwide information, games, goods, services, and business opportunities. Not only is the portal, search engine, network community will be very rich, e-commerce will also be unprecedented development, especially online shopping, online banking, interactive advertising and cross-border trade, etc..

so who is the real winner of such a profound social change? The answer is small business owners, entrepreneurs and consumers!

for small business owners and entrepreneurs, e-commerce has greatly reduced their access to a huge market can not imagine before and began to build their own career threshold. The Alibaba B2B platform as an example, after 12 years of development, it has gathered from around the world thousands of members from the export of small and medium-sized enterprises China platform first, into a worldwide, especially in China World Trade Center to provide cross platform of small enterprises in developing countries. What is the concept of tens of millions of small businesses, if every small and medium enterprises can obtain business opportunities through cross-border trade network and thus increase a person’s hand, that is more than 10 million new jobs.

look at the situation of consumers. It should be the happiest time for consumers. Online can find the best quality goods and services from around the world, and greatly reduce the intermediate links, so as to maximize the benefits. Today, the number of people shopping at Taobao is more than 65 million, equivalent to the total population of the United kingdom. Imagine all the people in the UK going into the same shopping mall on the same day!

so, who in this huge shopping mall in the service of consumers, but also 24 hours of service? It is the owner of the shop, the total number of Taobao on more than 6 million. Unlike eBay the seller, the seller is not doing Taobao fun, but to make it your job. Most of them are difficult to find suitable jobs and opportunities for development, such as college graduates, rural youth, laid-off workers, veterans, disabled people, etc.. This crowd, but also China’s largest entrepreneurial population.

In the traditional

era, the three people is a social "marginal" crowd. They pay the most for the society, but they have the least resources. >


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