The recent purchase of home appliances may be cheaper because Tmall and Jingdong are going to be PK

Abstract: Jingdong called transfer beyond ", China boiling appliance; ", the United States and the Soviet Union; to become the industry’s first slogan, Tmall also stepped up the appliance 3C field layout, pull to businesses, CES, Suning and other partners at this cake.


source: Vision China

following the Jingdong shouted super United States and the Soviet Union slogan, Tmall also stepped up the layout of the field of home appliances 3C, pull businesses, CES, Suning and other partners aimed at this cake.

"Tmall electric city will focus on the realization of consumer power brand operation and channels to get through the whole year, let the brand through Tmall directly with tens of millions of fans to interact, and help the 10 thousand line appliance stores to achieve non electronic transition to electronic." April 11th, the president of Tmall Electric City, Yin Jing, held in Hangzhou, Tmall electric city ecological Summit on the appliance company executives said.

specifically how to help businesses build brand, the development of fans, India wells gives the following explanation:

1, through the content of ecological incubator, brand, business, goods and Master, fans, circles and other series, formed from the production to ecological system production consumption;

2, relying on the Ali ecological resources, such as hardware (brands), software (YunOS), content (Youku potatoes), supply chain management (Rookie Suning), marketing (Sina, micro-blog) auxiliary brand to achieve closed-loop chain remodeling;

3, in the cultural and recreational sports game industry, through the number of entertainment industry layout Ali, the auxiliary brand to achieve better sports fans, gamers and other groups of the full path interaction;

4, through the rookie, Suning and brand logistics and service system docking and integration, in order to achieve the same kind of Uber from the warehouse distribution services, supply chain management, after-sales service and other services to enhance the ecological system;

5, through Ali strong data capabilities to build the Internet of things system, promote cross brand smart products to achieve interoperability services.

at the same time, Tmall is also the world’s two largest consumer electronics show IFA, CES has launched a strategic cooperation, trying to attract high-tech products to attract consumers after 90, 80. Among them, HTC Vive, Rokid (Ruo Qi), LG G6, SONY Fes Watch 29 new technology will be the first in Tmall.

in addition to the use of ecological technology concept and the black mad brush sense of presence, the Alibaba is a continuation of the traditional festival, will be in a few days to Suning to build "New Buy 418", trying to copy the double eleven Carnival in home appliances, 3C.

said last week, Su ningyun COO Hou Enlong and other executives interviewed by the media, and Tmall will achieve full integration in the double platform, four channels, through, Tmall flagship store, Suning more than 1 thousand and 600 city.


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