2014 China B2B industry ten key words inventory supply chain integration and other new words on the

B2B is about to enter the era of the post platform, and one of the main will be third party services, enterprise Internet application services can be broken down to the extreme, e-commerce services will also be substantial growth. Bigwigs are out of the marketing platform, direct involvement in the transformation of the traditional B class business, Internet Co B2B more and more like a traditional company, the key point is whether it can install the wings of the internet.


at the end of 2014, Tobey to vote the selection of B2B industry ten keywords. Compared with 2013, online trading, online and offline, big data, traditional enterprise electricity supplier, Internet banking is still the key word of the year, and the industry of the Internet, supply chain integration, mobile as a new word list.


below, Tobey tried to review the list of key words in 2014 B2B industry trends.

online and offline

talk about B2B online and offline naturally inseparable from the industrial belt. Alibaba is a pioneer in the industrial belt, in the country has 237 industrial belt and professional market, in 2014 the new Suzhou, Yichang, Yulin, Longjiang, Tiantai industrial belt. Hc360.com in addition to the new Guizhou, Zhangzhou, Yuyao, Linyi Industrial Zone, also launched O2O buyers origin direct mining fair. B2B logistics has also started, such as "goods", "the establishment of on-line business network Sheng Yunze logistics company, hc360.com logistics platform, etc..

Tobey comments: online and offline by 2013 ranked fourth rose to the first, indicating that the O2O model is more and more attention by the industry. The construction of industrial zone is often outside review of the enclosure movement, but at the operational level, on the one hand, the local government and associations to promote local enterprises on the net, the number of members and bring the number of platform SKU growth; on the other hand help online professional market line.

In fact

professional market many lines are trying to build a proprietary online platform, but the Internet is difficult to persuade shops, proprietary platform of information, buyers of limited resources are restricting the development of self professional market. And with ALI, the construction of HC industry because of its enormous flow of traditional businesses are very attractive, but this mode requires the real power play, need to become a leading local enterprises, and the government is no longer.

The establishment of

logistics platform marks B2B platform to trade downstream of a step forward, to strengthen cooperation with the logistics companies, in the payment of the buyers experience to enhance the back-end, contribute to the buyers of the Internet to purchase, and further activate B online trading.

online trading

Tobey network will be defined in 2013 as an online trading exploration year, 2014 is the year of landing. In 2014, Ali cumulative domestic GMV grew 173%, while foreign trade is officially transformed into a trading platform, change enterprise online inquiry "


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