The electricity supplier price war Suning Gome’s shares fell over 5% in early trading

August 15th morning news, Jingdong Suning, Gome electricity supplier price war broke out today, the related enterprise stock price also affected immediately. Suning Appliance and Gome electronics today morning stock prices fell more than 5%.

, Suning Appliance (002024.SZ) opened 5.79 yuan this morning, down by $1.53%, then the lowest share price has been to 5.57, the decline was more than 5%. Gome (00493.HK) and Dikaidizou, as 9:38 fell over 5.5%.

yesterday, Jingdong Suning Gome has announced the price war in the electricity supplier, all claimed that the full range of product prices lower than rivals. The move also sparked concerns about the performance of various electricity supplier companies. (Shu Shi)

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