How do use the 3 strokes Taobao easy to earn hundreds of dollars a day

Taobao is currently one of the relatively more domestic participation in the project. The reason why so popular, I believe it is not just the media propaganda and exaggeration, there must be a reason to make money. But often many of the novice is still making money without a door, the key reason is because there is no grasp of certain tricks and techniques.

remembers the first time Taobao received a prize of $13.2, a PHILPS razor. Ha ha, income is not high, but it is really earned, so the heart is still quite happy. Look at today, although earn more, but do not have the first time to make money that kind of pleasure. Oh, nonsense is not much to say, today sesame to introduce 3 strokes easily let you make money through Taobao guest!

first recruit: small money out, big money into

a lot of friends do Taobao guest, the choice is free space, free domain name, think these things can save province. This money is not willing to ask, how do you earn more money? Only a stable space and domain name, search engines can bring better included, otherwise, must be included is not good. And free space will not be able to open today, tomorrow can not go on, or slow speed, etc., which is a serious impact on the user experience, so we remember, want to make money, we must first know how to spend money.

second strokes: the enemy, baizhanbudai

a lot of people have heard that Taobao is very profitable, so go crazy operation. But before you do, you have to ask yourself, do you know what is Taobao guest? Estimated a lot of friends even what is Taobao do not know. It’s funny, but it’s realistic. And most of this time, they like to add some masters of QQ, and then they casually consulting. For some common problems, master were really very difficult to answer, because although they understand these things, but if you say it, really, is difficult, so also will for you at a distance. This time we recommend Google Baidu through the network to find the relevant knowledge to learn, and then operate.

third: other people’s way, no way to let others

Since Taobao

off the road, there have been many predecessors, help you walk out a bright road, why don’t you take this road, go to open up new roads that? While this road is not because of overloading failure around potholes, to learn his method, first make he is a plus, why so much? Is the reason why many people tend to hesitate to fail, so do Wangzhuan, do not hesitate to do Taobao customers, more aggressive, don’t hesitate!

is a true hero!

by the above three, the novice can get very good promotion in a short period of time, but for some people, the above three measures may not be sufficient to make your day to earn one hundred yuan, but sesame told you above them is enough. As the saying goes, art more pressure body, know more skills, but will affect you >


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