Xu Xiaoping talk about entrepreneurship how can a person eating a meal can feed others


the morning of January 5, 2013 ten, true grid fund founder, co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping in micro-blog published a talk about entrepreneurship micro-blog caused a heated debate in the industry, the micro-blog gives a lot of entrepreneurial dream of people poured cold water, but Xu Xiaoping’s words are so cruel reality, if there is no dream and that life is not a fish


specific micro-blog is as follows:

@ Xu Xiaoping: recently encountered a number of consecutive even have their own people who can not live, but into the entrepreneurial fantasy, and to pay a very heavy time cost. Employment is to feed themselves, entrepreneurship is to feed others. You can not feed themselves, can feed the others? I met this will guide them to find a suitable job, to feed themselves and then find a way out from the higher life — entrepreneurship.

may wish to take a look at some of the comments on micro-blog friends:

support view:

_z: Zhenxiang poineering process will encounter many unexpected problems, not ready, please don’t try.

luxury vertical and horizontal loneliness: entrepreneurship at least have the capital to feed themselves or the team, or they can make money through normal means, rather than looking for someone to ask for money

Mingde education Kang Zhongwei: wake up, in fact as long as their skills, life will be very good, business will be good, not have to venture to have their own career, I think have to revise this view.

Yan Chuanwei: agree, ancient words: Slim order in the world, people keep not to live, how to feed their own employees.

Jingwei Zhang Ying: not everyone is suitable for business, not to mention the ability to play to the boss, but a deliberate decision to understand themselves, people can find their own roles in different companies, with the company’s growth and growth, the accumulation of experience, the accumulation of wealth.

Liu Xin RUC: agree with this view. Chinese to entrepreneurship, but also will unconditionally advocate entrepreneurship for many people especially young people to mislead, entrepreneurship in the China, did not say first fund, product or market, is just a personal social experience and management ability of accumulation and deal with all kinds of government regulation will make a lot of people can not success. If a person is not able to support their own life, poor management, entrepreneurship is likely to put themselves in a dilemma.

: Well, your la this is many people’s misunderstanding, many children think jobs are being exploited, is to make money to feed his boss, when the boss can be feed. It is always restless not steadfast work. This may be the last generation of people to accept the education of capitalism left over by the virus, the virus destroyed the number of children’s youth.

BadGuy Lee: This is a very common


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