From day to earn 500 to earn a profit of $1800

said it was very ashamed, my station is a download station, IP5 million, 500 of income can be considered, I do stand for 8 years, familiar with the network promotion, SEO, marketing. I used the station only GG, advertising alliance, Express magazine, GG day to about $more than and 30, express more than and 100, plus other magazines, with about 500, I really did not expect that now I can do 1800 every day, I am very excited, the night still think of how to improve the value of the site, below I say how I did it.

first your station resources must be their own, I found many webmaster download compressed file is some useless things, are their own website or what, this is actually, I have a female station, stock station, I put all the resources which are put on the the 2 site connection file to the file name: free porn, adult community lures import my sexual station, with the name of the file: Cheats: make 1000, king of the means to make money into my stock station. Basically every day to about 15 thousand IP, and then put these stations on the GG, the price is very high, there are a lot of people will come to advertise, in fact, 50 thousand IP download stations do not have a problem of 2500.

According to the

estimates you now I do, 50 thousand IP download station should now have 1500, and so on, don’t worry, you can also enhance the value of the site.

In fact, many webmaster

by advertising fraud, now really, find a good advertising alliance is not really easy, I have 1 years, cheated 20 times, loss of more than 6 thousand, depressed heart cry, the man is so ill. I now recommend a website here, network really earn his China most of the advertising alliance, all add up, and each alliance advertising all put in, let the station quickly find the need to put ads on its own, I just find a few advertising on the site, let me add a few hundred yuan income, as long as you look at every detail information, advertising alliance, as well as the comments, can quickly find out the ads you need.

now I really understand a truth, network promotion, garbage. SEO, garbage. Learn to enhance the value of the site is cattle P.


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