n the Admin5 forum to sell the signature ad earned 40 yuan

The sale of

signature advertising is not what new things, but many people tend to look down on the money, so no one to do it, but I still do. Today I was writing this experience.

I often visit the Admin5 forum, often meet their favorite Posts always have to go to some comments and suggestions, a long time, but also out of some of their own circle. I also have some popularity, imperceptibly for more than a year. My ID forum has become a gold member, because the signature of Admin5 is limited, since I reached gold membership, restrictions on less, use can increase the bold words, more, do not limit and so on, the primary member is limited.

for a long time, will always be eyeing, advertisers come. 10 yuan a month to buy my signature ad, the price is very cheap, but I also agreed, after all, this is also an income. Has been working for 4 months, received a reward of $40. Anyway, I do not suffer, with the passage of time, I believe that the visibility will be higher and higher, so that each month will increase the remuneration.

a lot of ways to make money, we do not see how to do, or how to do. Of course, earn money is money. Li Jiacheng also did not miss the opportunity to earn 1 cents, let alone we



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