Remove the thunder alliance advertising alliance play out new tactics

said Chinese Internet, definitely not content and profitability of these two topics, since there are Chinese personal webmaster, Chinese Internet entered a new era, and with the China stationmaster is the natural alliance and profit.

in order to solve the problem of the Internet many small and medium-sized webmaster, in recent years, advertising alliances emerge in an endless stream, look at it, it is lively.

recently, thunder alliance is also about to launch its own product line based on the promotion of another alliance promotion platform – Thunder advertising alliance.

we all know, the thunder is a software technology company personal fortune, after several years of development, already has Thunder KanKan, Thunder Thunder download, online, search dogs and other major trump card products, occupy an important position in the field of Internet,

then, the thunder alliance also like ears of the speed of development to have nearly 5 million owners gathered platform, become the main force of thunder products promotion; at the moment, thunder launched advertising platform, is undoubtedly a new tactics for the demolition of the existing cooperation alliance, alliance means that the owners can choose more different advertisers in a centralized platform.

thunderbolt alliance had been focused on its own product promotion, advertising alliance is in the traditional field, for the old alliance and rookie League, will be the most competitive opponent; from the line on the platform about a few days, the alliance has completed a number of advertisers and advertising testing, one after another new advertisers even is the exclusive advertisers are added, it is reported that the thunder has an alliance advertising platform "hosting ads" function, this function makes the webmaster do not automatically update the code, will be able to complete the material update, so it seems, focus on products and technology of thunder legion, or how many webmasters can bring some unexpected surprises.

in addition, thunder advertising alliance is recruiting online soldiers, interested owners can go to find out the look of the new tactics and how thunderbolt alliance with temptation, and can let many webmaster to get excited.

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