Online shopping fraud cheats

Newspaper news (correspondent Lu Jianfu) with the popularity of the computer and the opening of online banking, online shopping has been very common, Jinhua also has a lot of online sellers and buyers. According to my recent years online shopping sales experience, want to tell you some of the necessary prevention technology. Because I was a victim.

      and in the choice of the time of payment, try not to make money in the bank account designated by the seller. You did not understand each other, most of the money back into the. At the same time, do not be deceived by the other side of the credibility of the surface phenomenon, because in the network, the credibility of the human operator can be, there is a certain amount of deception.

      two, do not shop in their unfamiliar sites, although its price is very low, but the price is often in order to attract buyers to come in to be deceived.

      three, to pay, to choose the site specified transaction. At present, in some famous trading sites, such as Alipay, have caifutong and three party payment (that is, in the transaction process, the money transferred to the website by the buyer, upon the buyer received the goods and the seller after confirmation by the buyer notify the site the money transferred to the seller), which can maximize the ensure that the interests of both parties, from the source to prevent cheat money happen.

      four, money don’t traded in strange computer payment, to prevent personal information from being stolen and causing unnecessary loss.


      on the topic: do you have the experience of online shopping, if any, have cheated?
      A. no online shopping; B. online shopping, has not been cheated; C. had cheated online shopping experience.

had cheated online shopping experience

      as of 17 yesterday, a total of 40 people were involved in the survey, of which was selected for the A, the 17 candidate for B, and the 7 candidate for C.
representative opinion:
      3090041: I have no Internet shopping. Online shopping cheated the lack of reliability, innumerable cases do not have the courage to try.


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