Why Taobao customers more difficult to make money

The 2 day

Baidu update my Taobao end station. Hey! I’m free to share my thoughts on Taobao. A5 do Taobao off the webmaster who have not found the money is more and more difficult to make Taobao customers. System out of a single, the seller cheats we do not mention. The first analysis of the most deadly many reasons lead to hard to earn the money in Taobao off low threshold is too low, unlike other advertising alliance is not easy to join the bank. Even with the addition of advertising, also to the needs of the people, this is inevitable, diversity, but Tao, he is the only one, he is helping a Taobao advertising.

would you like to know more than one person, he will buy the next thing we use the link. Will the Internet, you tell him, he is a veritable Taobao family. After all, unlike other advertising Taobao Taobao alliance, know that even if people do not join the customer, but also know to buy things to buy their own links. Every day the number of people to join Taobao is increasing exponentially.

since Taobao blocked the Baidu, the Taobao instead of Baidu Taobao everywhere advertising, this is the promotion of Ma Yun strategy. Our webmaster. All the publicity result is to help others to do the wedding dress, without limiting the new Taobao added a large number of customers, so we will be more difficult to do. Of course I didn’t say that. This is no way things. We want to make money, can not let so many people know to join. After all, Taobao is not a GG ad. Things have been rare, this is the truth.

I finally said my personal idea, do Taobao off massive post everywhere very tired but the effect is not very much, the last is to help Ma Yun out of Taobao. Putian head is Taobao ads, he behind the bad music I have been in the dark, look at my new Taobao women shopping network, I am looking for such a way, has also been in the attempt.

not much to say, and finally I wish you the new year, the larger the web site, more and more income, it is really a point.

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