n 2010 Chinese click Wangzhuan forecast

The promotion and development of

wool rich uncle has been committed to Chinese click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, hair rich enough understanding of the status quo of Uncle Chinese click wangzhuan. Due to the current Chinese click Wangzhuan downturn, hair rich uncle once ready to give up Chinese click Wangzhuan project, but from the current situation and the place for Chinese click Wangzhuan, after all Chinese click Wangzhuan is a beginner must go through each stage. The current Chinese click Wangzhuan rich uncle Mao to talk about the development trend of 2010 Chinese click wangzhuan.

1, Chinese click Wangzhuan station number will show decreasing trend. Because of the wind on the website of the Ministry of information industry Chinese vulgar blow, agents of various small space slowly disappear, the price of regular space increases, making the development of the site cost increase, owners must face open Wangzhuan station cost. But because Chinese click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station number of profitable, decline does not mean no one station, the absolute number is still quite large, so long as the money this way there will be the opening of the website.

2, Wangzhuan program updates fast, virtual gold station will become the mainstream Chinese click wangzhuan. All sorts of Wangzhuan procedure after the type of impact that mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, virtual gold station has a huge space for development, this program is stable, simple operation, easy hacker attacks have become the mainstream Chinese click Wangzhuan now. Like seven paikin, happy around the Wangzhuan program still exists and develops.

3, diversification of money making patterns. If you click on the money to make money may not be enough, it is an indisputable fact. A primer so Chinese click Wangzhuan just to attract members, more make way on the web, like money, money, registration code rebate Wangzhuan, hook money surfing, money and other will carry forward, make friends can have more choices.

4, reputation will become new friends make Wangzhuan choice. Chinese click Wangzhuan owners boundless power, make friends to have a restriction on their bad behavior, the website to turn off and let people disgust, the high reputation of the station will become the first choice to make friends. As of 365, around seven, happy Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station Premking etc. must carry forward, a lot of money.

5, Chinese click Wangzhuan survival is not a long time still no breakthrough. As chief of Chinese instant success, click Wangzhuan survival time is not long written in a short period of time will not change, plus Chinese click Wangzhuan webmaster are mostly college students, two holidays basically become a watershed in the site of life and death, can be more than two months of click Wangzhuan not too much. So new sites do it is still a best Chinese click Wangzhuan choice.

6, liar station is still a large number of existing. Chinese click Wangzhuan scam is to upgrade as bait to cheat Membership Upgrade fee. This kind of Wangzhuan station mostly cry up wine and sell vinegar, anchored large web sites or large enterprises out of thin air, make people feel the strength of this station. The two is a liar program will be unique, the page will be more beautiful, fast access >


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