Taobao passenger joint promotion actually let me Commission reached 139 yuan

I am an ordinary all the webmaster, I should be able to, now called their owners. In the past to see an article in Admin5, said there is no 5, 6 stations, you go out with people who are embarrassed to say that they are "webmaster". Now count the hands of the station, there are 6, 7, seems worthy of the title of the webmaster. In the past, my website mainly through Google advertising, Baidu union brings me income. At the beginning of July, a Taobao shop in the mall Home Furnishing supplies business contact me, said they were a "Taobao customer joint promotion" recruitment activities, recruitment promotion of their products. At first I didn’t understand what they wanted to do. In the circle of the webmaster, as if Taobao is not favored, because the volume is too small, the form is also very simple. I used to try to be a Taobao, but with little success. Moreover, Taobao is not to get customers to promote his products to promote the link, promote their own websites on? What is the "joint promotion"? I hold a curious mind, carefully look at their introduction, they found the way new recruiting Taobao Ke Ying, I think they are planning staff the idea. Try to do a little later, actually there is a single, and the best day, the Commission reached 139 yuan. Now to report to you, we look at the pattern of their promotion have no prospects, perhaps, we can learn from what.


my Taobao guest highest Commission

first of all, let me report on their general approach:

1, they put all the goods in the shop are set up to promote Taobao customers, and then select a large number of goods made a special page, such as home supplies spike, household goods appreciation".

2, they want me to give them my Taobao PID off, and then generate belong to my special page address based on my Taobao PID, I take the promotion, (such as my Taobao PID customer is mm_12345678_0_0, my special page address is http://s. to avoid advertising suspected.Com/ u=mm_12345678_0_0, the red part is? My Taobao PID), and guest on this page all product links into my Taobao customers to promote links, all through my past this promotion page click to buy the product, I can get the commission.

3, I put my site’s Logo submitted to them, they put my Logo on the topic page head, and in the bottom of the topic page set up my website picture link.

4, they said they would recruit a lot of Taobao customers to promote this topic page, each person’s page at the bottom of the link area are unified, synchronous.

I analyzed their practice and found that:

first, they put >