3 days through Google AdSense account application experience sharing

today so many things, joy and sorrow; just log in the mailbox, in the afternoon Google AdSense 15:00 emailed me, tell me have joined Google AdSense, my application has been approved; I 7 in the evening after work to find a webmaster webmaster exchange links, advised me to apply for Google Adsense, I think the station began, and no traffic, for nothing mean, and I do not intend to put ads;

I was really going to let this station can earn some money, but did not intend to let him earn much, cost and space cost domain can earn every year on the line, this is the highest for me, because I do this station is a hard but meet happy thing; domain name 75 yuan a year, so expensive, I am ready to turn out a cheap service, always wanted to go to godady, but it can only be used to pay the credit card, so the day before yesterday also apply for a credit card; well, the original server is also expensive, to 300 yuan a year, but I was just doing a static page, write a word, put a button, click the button will pop up a alert dialog box, click to ask how do you feel. In October 23rd, after the expiration of this space with a group of the same day with the domain name I was given up!

I only left in this one domain, more than 5 points at the early morning of October 20th, because once I leave for a period of time, naturally can not take care of the site, and the space to expire, so I apply another server space, but the server space but how also can not bind the domain name, let I was going to catch the flight in space before transfer to new ideas come true, this station is from 23 until 27 days should enter inaccessible days;

should be said that the new space price is still very good! We say the price is not high, 150 yuan a year, equivalent to only half of the original; second is the size of the space is also very good, 5G web space, 1G space database; again is fairly stable; there is a control panel function is very powerful. This is one of the main reasons I decided to choose the space provider, my original server space control panel basically equivalent to what are not, even online compression functions are not used FTP download is generally more than 5 hours, I spent 8 hours to download the first time all weekend, when you have spent the whole day; finally, the service should be OK, this is actually very important, this is also the reason I have not put the domain name out, the service is very original Well, now the service should be fair, at present is not too much to deal with;

then said you are not satisfied with the place, although it provides independent binding domain function is the most significant point, but because of binding, the verification code is never out, so it is equivalent to the individual may not only help them free binding, technical personnel; performance again very sudden >


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